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Keeping Your Pool Water Clean

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Keeping Your Pool Water Clean

Nothing is better than jumping into a sparkling and clean pool on a summer’s day. That is why you need to make sure you have the right filtration and pumping system in place. You can find the pool accessories you need by relying on a company that features a full line of pool products and pool services.

Keeping a Well-maintained Swimming Pool

When you choose a full-service company, you will have access to pool installations for both above and in-ground pool, as well as all the pipes, fittings, and safety equipment you need. Full-service outfitters also offer splasher accessories, pool repair, maintenance, and, of course, the swimming pool filters and pumps to keep your pool glistening.

Making a Pump Selection

You can find a single, three-phase type pump that operates on 0.5HP to 3 HP. This pump is typically equipped with a fibreglass case to ensure durability and resilience. Select a clear lid on the pump so you can easily inspect the device’s basket. When making a selection, also consider the following:

  • Is the pump suited for use in salt chlorinated pools?
  • Is it made with a hydraulic design that also minimises turbulence?
  • Does the pump have a back-up seal for added protection?
  • Is the pump easy to install?
  • Does the pump have a body that resists corrosion?
  • Is the pump UV-stabilized?

The above questions are important to ask if you are considering buying a pump for a pool, whether it features an in-ground or above-ground design. Also, review the pump’s warranty. How long is the device guaranteed? Usually, a two-year warranty, although it excludes the capacitor and seal in most cases, is standard on pumps.