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Cheap Ways to Furnish Your First Place

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Cheap Ways to Furnish Your First Place

You’ve scraped up everything you could to purchase your new home or rent out that new apartment. After paying deposits, down payments, closing costs, professional service fees, and moving expenses, you’ve really got very little money leftover. It’s your first place, and after unpacking you realize your house doesn’t feel much like a home. You’d love to furnish it to add personality and comfort, but it will take you months to save up enough to get it all done – that is, unless you use these savvy tips below.

Yard Sales

Here’s a nifty idea to get acquainted with your new neighborhood and to find some decent deals on things you need for your new place, look for yard sales. You can introduce yourself to people in your neighborhood while finding incredible deals on furnishings for your place.

Dumpster Diving

Alright, now you shouldn’t actually jump in dumpsters looking for things for your home, but you’ll come close to it. As you drive around the neighborhood, pay attention to what your neighbors set out on the curb for trash. Sometimes things are discarded simply because a person has bought something new or has no use for it. You can grab those things from the curb and make them fit into your home decor.

Borrow Some Cash

There’s always the option to borrow some money to furnish your home. Trying to finance everything you need for your home is confusing and expensive. You have five or ten financing contracts with furniture and appliance companies and it can eat up more than you’d like. Apply for a check advance loan online and get several hundred dollars in cash within one business day. You can use the money to buy some basic furnishings for your home and instead of paying back ten companies, you’re only paying one monthly payment.

House Warmings

Celebrating your new place with friends and family is a common tradition for many. Housewarmings are a great time to connect with others and share in this joyous time in your life, but it can also be a cheap way to get your house furnished. Create a registry at your favorite store of things you need for your home and ask your guests to buy things from this list or provide you with gift cards so you can go get what you’d like.

Second-Hand Shops

Second-hand stores get donations by the pile on a regular basis. While some of them only accept clothes and shoes, others have everything from home appliances to living room furniture. Check out those shops to find deals on furniture for your home. Even if you find something that needs a little TLC, you can refurbish or repair it for less than it would cost to buy something new.

Moving into your first place is exciting and costly. If you’ve exhausted all your funds to secure a place, then you may not have much leftover to splurge on furnishings. Naturally, you want to make your house feel like a home. So, you can use the above cheap ideas to find great deals on furnishings you need to make your home as comfortable as you’d like. In closing, remember furnishing an entire place can take time so start with the essentials and over time buy things that help to add more style and character.