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6 Simple Home Improvement Tips You Should Know

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Improving your home does not only mean ensuring convenience for you and your family. It is also one way for you to increase its value so when you decide to leave, you can sell it at a much higher price. It’s a considerable investment in the making.

Studies show that 65% of US homeowners believe that the market value of their home will continue to rise in the next ten years. You can be part of this trend and the good news; you need not spend a lot of time and resources to boost your home’s value. One time close construction loans texas prove this.

Here are then simple, practical, and cost-effective tips you should apply to improve your home and turn it into a humungous investment.

1.  Showcase an Attractive Exterior

How your home appears from the outside is your first chance to make a good and lasting impression. That is why make sure your home’s exterior is attractive enough to catch a prospective buyer’s attention. To achieve that, consider a well-maintained landscape. Consider planting flowers and other ornamentals to bring color and life to your home’s surroundings. Surely, even passersby and neighbors can’t help but take a look at such a beautiful landscape.

Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/building-joy-planning-plans-1080592/

2.  Low-Maintenance Matters

Homebuyers don’t want buying a home that needs constant maintenance. That is why, before you sell, make sure you render the necessary improvements or repairs. For example, you can make use of hardwood for flooring instead of easily stained carpets. Make sure that when you market your home, a client will no longer have to worry about an emergency repair in the future. That not can fetch you a higher price.

3.  Increase your Home’s Efficiency

Energy costs are rising nowadays. Fortunately, there are practices you can apply to boost energy efficiency in your home and increase its market value. Among these include solar panel installation, enhancing attic insulation, and the use of LED lighting and efficient appliances.

4.  Bigger means More

Bigger homes usually command higher prices. Even if an appraiser doesn’t officially account for the full worth of added space, a prospective buyer will likely acknowledge. To increase size, consider adding a room. You can also establish additional living space by completing the basement or building a roof deck. As goes Ms. Angie Martin of Hales and Associates says, “Square footage has a huge impact on value.”

5.  Give it a Smart Boost

According to a 2018 survey by Coldwell Banker, buyers want safety-enhancing gadgets in their new homes. These technologies include thermostats, security cameras, door locks, fire detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. While smart devices and techniques do not necessarily boost home value, they do warrant attention and appeal to safety-conscious prospects. For sure, almost everyone wants a safe and protected home. Moreover, the techy millennials will surely prefer such type of home to meet their technological inclination.

6.  Visual Boost Counts

Almost all person wants a home that appeals to their aesthetic sense. That is why consider giving your home a visual boost. Render proper paint with the use of neutral colors. Install artwork and other creatives. If you are not into designing, you can consult an interior designer to give you ideas. You can also let him/her do it for a fee of course. If you need an emergency fund for that, check out one time close construction texas.