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3 Things You Need for the Perfect Guest Bathroom

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3 Things You Need for the Perfect Guest Bathroom

Guest bedrooms and bathrooms may be a second thought for those have their space planned down to the inch. The spare bedroom can become a study, office, recreational room, or personal gym. The guest bed and bath only come into the picture for those who have a large extended family or friends who live in a different city or country.

Guest bedrooms are straightforward, if it has a bed, it is good to go. Guest bathrooms are trickier because it depends on the kind of guests you have and your relationship with them. However, there are three things you need to have the perfect guest bathroom:

Storage and counter space

Having a clear storage system also encourages your guests to clean up after themselves and treat your space the same way they would in their home. You do not want to put your guests in the position of trying to be neat by stuffing their wet toothbrushes and toiletries into their bags.

A decent amount of counter space allows them to get ready with no fuss. Guests may come over for events and prefer to prepare on their own. Give them the space to do so. Counter space keeps the prep inside the bathroom and not in the bedroom.


Your guest bathroom should have a working shower. Do not leave your guest bathroom with only a toilet and sink or with a non-functioning shower. To foster a home-like environment, you need to let them freshen up in their own space. A decent shower in their room also creates a clear boundary indicating the areas they are allowed into and the items they can use.

If you do not have a steam shower in the guest bedroom, the only place they can freshen up is in your bathroom. Depending on the layout of your home, this can be too close to your personal space. When you have guests, who are more acquaintances than friends, it poses a potential breach of privacy. Accommodate them, but also establish clear boundaries.

Bathroom rugs or mats

Have non-stick mats or fuzzy bathroom rugs at the entrance of your bathroom and shower and the foot of the toilet. They help prevent accidents like slipping on the wet tile. They keep your guest’s feet warm and dry, especially if they do not have slippers for the bathroom.

Aesthetically, they can add pops of colour to the overall décor of the bathroom. They can be coordinated with the colour of the guest towels. The pairing creates a coordinated look without any unique embellishments.

When you have your essentials in place, do not forget to stock up on basic toiletries and towels. These are items that take up a lot of space in their luggage, and they might have opted not to bring a set with them. Providing toiletries allows you to spend more time bonding instead of shopping for generic items. Take care of the people coming over by putting your best foot forward.

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